Who is Karen “Introduction”

By on October 19, 2015

Introduction,Introduction…guess that’s where we all have to start from. with that being said let me introduce myself now.
  Dear Readers,Thank you for visiting my blog and on this page i start off by telling you about,who you are reading about.My names are Karen Bugingo though sometimes francophones and my fellow Rwandasn at times call me “Carene or Carine” so don’t make that mistake. i was born and Raised in t a small country of Rwanda located at the heart of AFRICA. I am 23 years old,and that’s about what am positively sure i know about me..lol

The next few blogs as i go on,i’ll talk more of myself and from there my readers will find out for themselves who i really am,i believe we really don’t know who we are but our words determine who we are and what we will become…so guess along MY PEOPLE..


Basically,i am an average 23 year old with certain passions,dreams and visions. Traveling and photography are my biggest passions ;as in the 2 things that give me the biggest smile on my face and a lot of excitement. p.s: i am not a  photographer nor am i good at taking pictures few people can testify to that *cough* cough* ..lol but i am yet to find out what we are called “Those people who are good at being taken pictures” or know there way around the front part of the camera rather than the cliche word “Model” so if someone finds out before i do,please let me know.


On the topic of my passion and love for Traveling,in 2014 i had the chance and opportunity to travel alone besides the purpose of the travel which wasn’t as bad either but oh well had to the make the best out of it,A girl-friend of mine once told me,you should travel alone sometimes it may sounds like no fun or depressing but you get to communicate to the inner self as crazy as that sounds,but i was in Doha for 24 hrs by myself and had a little chit-chat with the inner me.but at least i made a friend along the way because honesty at some point i really needed someone to take pictures of me.

Am guessing by now some people will have an idea of who i am.And a quick reminder,i am open to any questions or curiosity brought to the table.