By on October 20, 2015

On my previous post “Who is Karen” i talked briefly about my passion/love for traveling were i shared a bit about my Doha experience. I’ll be going through more details about this trip on this blog and as well talk more about the initial destination area.

It was October,2014 my very first traveling adventure alone,Boarded the plane and i was away and about and as i landed in Doha spend the night and day there. Got to my hotel around 5 am and as tired as i was i was just filled with excitement,a bit to excited to sleep as well, stressed by the fact that i wasn’t yet connected to the hotel WIFI i had to get that sorted out before anything else is done.

Hotel room mini leaving room

Woke up the next morning with buggy eyes because i hadn’t had any form of sleep whatsoever,it was one of those sleeping but not real asleep moment which went on all night till 9 am when i woke up to go check out what was on the menu for breakfast. To my surprise i found strange looking Arab breakfast,the Arab culture is something i wasn’t used to nor did i ever hear anything about it so basically they have these weird looking type of foods they have in the morning with the most difficult names to pronounce or read but i knew straight away that it was i pass for me,so i moved on to the kind of breakfast i am used to which turned out to be well prepared as well,guess they did consider that not only Arabs would be coming in for breakfast.
The Arabic breakfast

My kind of Breakfast 
Few hours later,i was on my way to my final destination which was Bangalore,India. i arrived safe and sound after 3-4 hrs and i was on the road to my hotel which was a 1-2 hr drive but since it was 3 am without any traffic jam it took about an hr and some minutes!Exhausted i checked in and i was out.
Little safe haven

Let me talk a little about this city on Bangalore,known to the locals as Bengaluru. As most people know or heard India is quite not the cleanest of countries though i have to say some areas are worse than others and others are surprisingly clean compared to others,the famous country known for their spicy food and it is REALLY spicy by the way,if it wasn’t for home cooked meals i wouldn’t have survived a day in India because well i really don’t enjoy spicy foods at all,being in India was an experience i am so thankful for,it is so funny how everything you see on TV about India is actually true,it’s one country the media doesn’t lie about for sure,if y’all have watched :Eat,Love and Pray” with Julia Roberts voila,why i say this movie it’s coz the whole time there,it’s the movie that kept popping up in my head.