Experience…Bucket list activities PART1

By on October 22, 2015

A few days ago,i had the chance to explore the beautiful mama land. The western province known as Cyangugu. The weather there is quite not the average Rwandan weather,it is colder compared to the weather experienced in Kigali or any other place,seriously it gets so cold at night everything by morning feels like it had been stored in the freezer. i remember we’d carried bottles of water,juice etc and that morning when i took a sip,it felt like straight out of the fridge kind of water,i was like eeishh!!!! a cousin of mine after a shower applied her roll on and body spray,it was cold as well, we basically got a taste of how it would be like if we kept our perfumes and sprays in the fridge before we went to bed,pretty sure some people would easily give up on spraying themselves by the way because it is not a good feeling at all.

Anyways the day we arrived Cyangugu and headed straight into the dense forest of Nyungwe, we got there hanged around a bit,had lunch and after that it was time to start the long trail down to the “CANOPY WALK WAY”aka the highest bridge in East Africa by the way ,that was one thing i’d been looking forward to for months and the time was finally here. Reading about “the canopy walk” in the papers,on social media and all around, i had no doubt in my mind this was something i needed/wanted to try. This was Day1 of the amazing adventurous weekend,well we headed down whereby we had to hike for about 30-40 minutes before reaching to it,and as we hiked down it was so smooth and all and i started thinking to myself,Man the hike back up though;it is going to be DEADLY! but i just snapped out of it and kept the excitement alive. Few minutes later voila, The amazing,most talked about walk in the adventurous life of Rwanda.

 LOCATION: Nyungwe Park Forest

                                                                       First Attempt

The longest one

They are 3 parts to this canopy,the longest one is tremendously scary,well for me personally gosh it was those type of situations whereby you get to the middle and you wonder “what did i jut get myself into,seriously” and the scary part is once you’ve started walking there’s no turning back so you either choose to freeze in the middle while it shakes and makes these scary metal noises or move forward till you make it to the finish and when you get to the end a great feeling of accomplishment feels you up #IMadeIt,i was surprised by my fear though,i was playing the tough guy in the beginning which all went from 100 to 0 real fast. phahaha
But at the end of it all,it was a very nice experience and  totally a bucket list tick for me,though it got me thinking twice about the zip lining experience i want to try out in the future..Hmmmm