By on November 6, 2015
Over the years, something very interesting has been popping up in my mind, well to be more specific, it all started this year, all changed in my life throughout out this year and I am not talking about physical changes rather mind changes, my mind set was slipped all the way.

Before I go into details, let me start off with “an experience of mine”

Towards the end of 2012, In September to be more specific, my illness became so worse I completely stopped eating and this was not by choice, I developed a very critical medical condition whereby nothing was able to go down my throat, in the beginning just liquid substances and in the long run, they also became impossible to pass. Anyways this is what would happen, every time I tried eating or drinking something it would get stuck right around my esophagus and it would irritated it then I throw it all out, that went on for a long time, it was a very confusing medical condition I was experiencing; I’d never heard of it, I didn’t know anything or what was going on, I just stopped eating because what was the point? even my appetite reduced, I even lose the urge of eating completely.

So, with that traumatic experience, like they always say; every experience leaves you tougher than before. This one on the other hand opened my eyes wider, they are so many things in our lives we think we have no control over yet we have 100% control over it like; Our happiness, Our ability to control our emotions, our thoughts and so many mindset related, think about all those uncontrolled things in our lives for me I refer back to my illness but everyone has their story and struggles, We’ve all been through this and that we had no control over yet we kept calm and carried on, now think about those things we can control. Wake up and say today I AM GOING TO SMILE NO MATTER WHAT, i assure you that this is a decision that no illness, no person, nothing can stand in the way of, CHOICE TO BE HAPPY, honestly who can come and tell you, hey you I order you not to be happy today, uumh nobody…so you see what am trying to say here, let’s take great advantage of the advantage of the many things in our lives we are in control of to make up for those uncontrolled situations which will occur in our lives from time to time

The last months, I’ve been through a lot of pressure of trying to organize some personal matters in my life, I got overwhelmed to the point I completely forgot about the ability of choice making in my life, even after what I’ve been through you’d think nothing can shake me but often time, I am blindsided then I think to myself; Karen really? Really though? I like to think its God’s voice in my head. He is speaking to me, reminding me to take a minute, look back and think again
And then something happened a few days ago, It was a long day at work, I’d been so stressed both with work and school stuff and just like any other human would do, I started complaining, ah today I had a horrible day, my day sucked blah blah all that nagging business, and then out of no one I received a phone call with no caller ID and it was my cousin’s house help, This woman had been in a terrible car accident, we had been talking about her at home, everyone was really worried about her condition, so she decided to call, I honestly didn’t even know this woman had my number, because we don’t communicate a lot other than the fact that I bump into her at my cousins place, anyways I picked up, when I heard her voices, it hit me, oh my gosh, why is this lady calling me? Isn’t she suppose to be incautious? i was in shock to the point where I didn’t have any words to say, I just rumbled up stuff to say but I was in total shock, basically this is how I see it, I thought I was having a bad day, God was like, you don’t even you know, let me show you, even remind you a little bit of how a bad looks like. Before she hung up after a 10 minutes conversation, when I asked if she needed anything and how everything was, she said to me, well you know how hospitals are. Oh my gosh like she couldn’t have said it better, she said it so innocently though, don’t get me wrong but It spoke to me from within,

Anyways, I really wanted to share this with everyone here, remember you have A CHOICE TO YOUR EMOTIONAL STATUS. Be blessed