By on November 17, 2015
On Sunday, as I left church after a very beautiful sermon, something come to my mind, it kept playing over and over in my head for a longtime. As I layered in bed after my lunch, taking a nap, I started thinking about the chapter in ”Matthew 7:7” Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you. But my mind kept focusing and reflection more on the “Ask and it will be given to you” line and that is when it became clear, the depth of the line. All we have to do is literally just ask, I said to myself it doesn’t say; ask and then pray nonstop, or ask and fast for a week so I will hear you more, or say ask and then give money to the church, it doesn’t say any of that which are also very good gestures and deeds by the way, don’t get me wrong. Just want to talk more of this simple act of faith we take for granted yet we’ve been given power indirectly.
It also got me thinking of; let’s say when you enter a restaurant or coffee shop, the waiter automatically comes up to you and you ask for what you want, be it; food or a drink, she or he then takes your request/order, but you don’t keep repeating the order for them now do you? You just give it once and you sit back and relax instead, chat with your friends, Sometimes even when it’s taking a bit longer than usual we don’t go back and ask again, no we just sit and wait. While we wait we don’t even think for a second; oh maybe my order is not coming, or maybe she forgot about it. We are calmly waiting instead keeping ourselves occupied.
That is the EXACT SAME attitude, we should have towards God. We should be able to humble ourselves, ask for a certain thing then wait patiently, better yet immediately start being thank him for delivering , thank God for he has heard you , and you are about to receive soon. Plus the word says in patience and humbleness God is working.
Beginning of this month (November), I was talking to close friend of mine, we started talking about the “40 days” of prayer and fasting before the year ends, I then begun this thing whereby my everyday prayer doesn’t consist of anything else but “Giving Thanks”, I don’t ask God for anything because quite frankly since the year beginner all I did was asked and asked and asked, so I took this month and the following month (December) to do nothing else but thank God for what he has done and what he is about to do, and as we thank him that is when you realize what he has done, God opened my eyes to realizing even the smallest  things and be grateful for them and of course the major ones we take for granted. Hey I even started thanking God for what I asked for that hasn’t been answered but I still thanked him because I know and have learned to understand; not what our pastors have said, not what our parents have said but what HE, MY GOD said himself and no one else. ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE.

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    Kayihura Gael

    November 18, 2015

    Great read! Thanks for sharing this.