Pray first, Plan afterwards

By on December 21, 2015
God expects us to be orderly; He expects us to manage our time, to discipline ourselves, to prepare well-planned programs, but if we could learn to pray first and plan afterwards, how different would be our lives?
Sharing my experience, a while back when I was still in high school, I was not saved really but I use to pray here and there attend church on Sundays sometimes even, I lived a very planned life though, I use to literally sit down and just plan my whole future in my head; Graduate  high school with good grades, enroll in university within a year, I basically had everything planned out, I remember during lunch breaks with my friends we would all sit around and talk about life after high school, which pretty much felt like the best thing there is. But I wish I knew then what I know now, that a plan without prayer is impossible and God is not happy with it either.
Again to a while back when I had finished all my treatment, I was ready to go back to my usual life, take back my plans and resume my dreams and all, but I remember I sat down and I started figuring out my next steps, I went back to my old ways of planning and planning about the future, even then you would think I learnt a lesson about praying first and then planning but I hadn’t, I was just still the planner type only. So after everything was done health wise, I was so ready to get back to school, do some courses here and there, I remember I started with computer classes for about 3 months.
After a while I  enrolled in a university but just something didn’t feel right, I kept thinking to myself, but everything is going according to plan “kind of” so what’s the matter? But I kept meeting obstacles, it was a horrible feeling, knowing that you are doing everything right but it just doesn’t feel right, and that can be very dramatic emotionally. The point is, life is full of daily decisions, planning and all of that but we have to keep our eyes on the one who can provide far more than our expectations, I believe that some of us think we know what we want or we settle for less just because we think it’s the way, it’s suppose to be, but it’s a LIE.

Isn’t that what happens too many of us? We work, we pull, we struggle and we plan until we are utterly exhausted, but we have forgotten to plug the source of power. And that source of power is PRAYER,

A soul that prays, Is a Joyful soul
And when you pray,believe you’ve recieved
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    Janvier Rutsobe

    December 22, 2015

    Great piece Karen!