Confidence in time of Trouble

By on December 30, 2015
 “The peace that Jesus gives is not the absence of trouble, but rather the confidence that he is there with you always”

Looking back to this quote, I am remembered so much about my past experiences, we live in a world of so much pain and lots and lots of troubles but if we read careful into the scripture; God doesn’t tell us I will be with you in this world full of peace but rather, I will be with you through the troubles. He did not lay out in details all the troubles we would be facing but everyone has a troubling situations that you will go through, and I can’t say when these situations come in your way dusty it off and be strong because I know firsthand it’s easier said than done but instead, turn to the one who made the promise and say; “Lord, I am here to claim my promise you made to me way before I was even born” and trust me it is not wrong.
In 2012, around the month of December I was still really ill, at that time I was literally not putting anything in my mouth, the doctors had inserted a feeding tube, which was  very uncomfortable at first but it was either that or no chance of survival, so basically I was not taking solid foods just liquids and healthy formula powders to get me by, so anyways we were approaching Christmas day and some of the Rwandan Students we’d met there wanted to organize something special for all the Rwandan patients leaving in those apartments, we were about  5 to 6 families. As they were organizing this event I kept thinking to myself; aw mehn am not going to be able to eat and enjoy food on Christmas day and I bet they’ll be all these amazing dishes, I was really sad at that fact of not being able to enjoy like and with everyone else. We were in one of the families’ apartment which was on the 5th floor, ours was on the 4thfloor, after a while planning everything we went back up to our room.
I then took my bible, wrote down a prayer request “God it’s the 21st today, you have about 4 days to open up whatever is causing me not to be able to eat, I want to celebrate Christmas and be able to eat OK!. I then folded the piece of paper, put it in my bible, prayed and went to sleep. The following day I had a chemo session which I walked into very confidently compared to other days where I’d walk in feeling like I just want this to be done already, in the course of the night having done that gesture of hope towards God I’d become very confident in God, I was full of hope that after this week’s session I’d be good to go for Christmas, basically I went in with a “bring it on” attitude. God’s shower of confidence in trouble or situation is very powerful. Even now when am battling with anything I just say to God give me confidence you gave me that day, I want to experience it AGAIN!
God’s timing is never wrong, and there’s a reason he did not make it happen then but he eventually made it happen but he is faithful always. I call everyone to pray and claim this promise from God, “Confidence in time of Trouble”
Stand confidently in the promise