God’s Timing

By on January 12, 2016
As human beings, we often want to live in the fast world, where everything is working out in our favor and according to our speed and we often feel like our time is now or never. But we forget the one who took his precious time with no rush in creating us, or in creating the world, the book of Genesis speaks about the length of creation and what we should pick from it is; there’s not even one day where he rushed to create or created 2 things on the same day “to save up time” or “to rush the creation process”
He is still working with the same pace till this day, God is in no rush and he certainly never delays. It may seems like our situations have been delayed or they aren’t moving fast but those are one of the things that our bare eyes see, that is the picture the devil projects in our minds hence the injection of feeling hopeless, tired and inpatient. No matter what we do, however things look possible at that time but end up not working out at the last minute, remember God’s timing because when God’s clock rings, blessings will pour nonstop. The beautiful part is, when we are working according to God’s time everything is done differently and beyond human understand, that is why also when God is preparing for that time, we as human fall short and we are blindsided into thinking he has given up on us but, I PROMISE YOU, he is cooking up something real sweet for you which will bring you satisfaction that this world can never offer.

I, myself suffered from patience towards God, I had this urge to see my life change, urge to see it picking up and moving on its maximum speed until I learnt that, I am not my own maker, I had to give way and time to my maker to work and as he does that, I’ll be waiting patiently, worshiping and praising my lord till that day when his clock shall say; “IT’S GO TIME”.
Growing up , just like any child I didn’t believe in the power of prophecy, I always thought; ah it’s too much or even made up but as I grow into the power of Christianity and reading God’s word, the power of prophecy has been there for ages and it has been there to boost our hope and faith, having a promise to hold on to is the key and no human, not even the most powerful of them shall contradict God regarding the promises he made to you and to your life. Each one of us has a package of blessings in store for them; pray every day to God that when the time comes, you’ll embrace it with open arms and a pure heart.