Patience in Christ

By on January 25, 2016
Being patient isn’t in anyone’s nature, I know that for a fact , personally waiting patiently hasn’t been my strongest suit neither an easy path, but as I got deeper into understand how things work around us, it gave me an idea on how to go about this issue and today I wanted to share with you on this powerful attitude.
First pray to God to grant you this powerful attitude, the attitude of being still in patience and calmness. we often lose it when things around us aren’t going our way or anything close to what we expected but if only we took a step back, think for a second and actually ask ourselves; why It happened a certain way, Is it maybe that we are up and down looking for silver while God wants to give us Gold? And sometimes I ask myself, but God why? While you are at it look back as well, take time to remember all he did for you in the past which you never expected. Over the years I’ve learned that nothing happens as an accident or a coincidence in our lives.

If we only knew what we were being prepared for ahead, right over that mountain that looks like it’s covering the beautiful path we wish or hoped for, we would actually be grateful for the challenges we are facing right now(Romans 8:18, I consider that what we suffer at this present time cannot compare at all to the glory that is going to be revealed to us). If only we had a chance to see a “sneak peek” of what lies ahead .But of course it’s easier said than done, as humans we are just created that way, but the good news is that we can play a small role in making these certain situations better which will make this journey a whole lot easier and there’s nowhere else we find it other than trusting and surrendering it all to God with a Patient mind and a thankful heart. 



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