“Purpose from the maker”

By on March 29, 2016
In life when we keep hitting walls it doesn’t mean that we are doing it something wrong, it simply just means you are forcing a purpose which is not designed for you. I use to think holding on is an act of faith and believing that it will happen, but I came to understand that sometimes we need to stop  planning our lives and constantly asking ourselves what we want to do but rather ask, “ God, what do you want me to do?”
The question is, what does God want you to do? At times we want to go all the way to the noon to accomplish “what we think is best for us” while what God designed for us is literally right in front of us. But we are blindsided by society on what is “the best” but God’s plans are even better so do not settle for less aim to accomplish the best together with the one who can make that happen only if you let him and stop fighting your biggest enemy which is you. God will not work, while you are still up and down, left and right but he will intervene once you let go.
Sometimes, I ask myself what’s my purpose? And truth be told, I haven’t done a good job trying to figure it out on my own. I  met rejections and disappointment but the day i accepted that I am not my own my maker, and that only the maker of a creation only knows how to make it work, I have freely step out of the way and allowed him to intervene and changed my perspective on life. A lot of people think that in life, you have to suffer to get up there but what’s the point of the cross then? Why the double suffering?

Seek the truth to understand your purpose and your destiny. Skip the step of suffering put on our lives by this world because that is not how it happens in his kingdom. Sometimes, I ask myself when Jesus said. “It is finished” what did he mean? What is finished? Jesus put an end to it but we keep bringing it back over and over and over again. The shackles were broken so  Let’s also put an end to it.