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By on April 17, 2017

Well, this is the part where I explain to you all how my Christian journey begun. I started going into the Lord’s house because I was emptied by the burdens of being self-reliant. I relied on myself to get that university application etc. and so when everything came crushing down in front of me, I thought I’d done something wrong in terms of the process required to get it. Little did I know what was called “God’s plan”? I needed this one thing so bad and  though my relationship with God wasn’t at its best I had this crazy idea of jumping the part where I had to seek the kingdom of God and the rest shall be added unto me. So my prayer life accelerate, 3am prayers, fasting, desperate prayers, I stop going out, partying, basically everything I knew pleased God, I did. So after all that, clearly I didn’t get what I was begging for but I got something  bigger and greater.  It led me to who I am today.

Even though I was pretty devastated, pity parties were thrown eh, it was basically lit up in my room, where I closed myself and sobbed every night. But I knew I had to dig up some courage to keep going, to move on to something (easier said than done,i know). A few months later I got back on my horse called life and kept riding to some sort of purpose. Meanwhile of course round 2, 3 and 4 of that pity party resumed because as much as i pretended to act like I was made of steel, I wasn’t. It’s okay to fall into discouragement as long as you don’t stay there. After a couple of figuring out what my purpose was, I started serving in church and that brought a lot of clarity and deep Salvation to myself. I opened my heart and God healed it, he showed me with great love and peace that I had never experienced before and that’s when I realized that seeking his kingdom is what I wanted, since then it’s not been easy but I’ve given him full control. I have never looked back. 

So am here to testify that, they will be dark seasons in your life but the good news is that they won’t leave you with a cough or flue but with strength, faith and Freedom. xoxo
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    Munyazi Reulinah

    May 14, 2017

    This is so encouraging! Keep going! God has got you 🙌❤