Are you blocking your blessings?

By on September 14, 2017
We may wonder, how does one block their blessings yet they don’t know what they are. The answer is, nobody knows how God is going to bless them but the word of God tells us that, he (God) alone knows the plans he has for you, plans to bring you good and not harm. Isn’t that reassuring enough? But somewhere between knowing what’s wrong and right, we loose ourselves and we start off by bringing ourselves down which later on brings us harm. We attract and carry a weight that God lifted off our shoulders, even though most Christians have surrendered their heavy weights, we sometimes find ourselves picking it right back.
Now back to our blessings. How do we block our own blessings? By, speaking death into our lives.
    “The tongue has the power of life and death,
        And those who love it will eat its fruit.” Proverbs 18:22
The challenging part is that, most of us (myself included) speak death into our lives without realizing we are doing so because we have made such a big part of our lives and a very casual conversation in our daily lives, for example,
A friend: Hey Karen, how is everything at school going?
Karen: Girlll, am definitely failing one class this semester. I can feel it already.
A friend: Really? What went wrong?
Karen: Umm I don’t really know per say but I just feel like I’ll fail.
See what Karen just did there?
And so, it’s in this way we speak death into our lives and find that things aren’t working in our favor and we go on to nagging and depressing over our failures not even stopping for a while and actually thinking about how we might have initiated/caused it. Most of the time  we speak death into their future because there’s a sense of not deserving which is a lie we are told by the devil. Thing about it this way, why would the devil whisper words of encouragement to you and so if it’s negative it’s definitely from the devil right? But as Christian who have learned and understood the spiritual life and how we have to walk by the world of God, you need you have to CUT IT. If the devil’s lies are starting to sound convincing in your life, you have to revisit your relationship with God.

Let’s not limit God; speaking death into our lives limits God’s work in our lives because God cannot manifest himself in a low faith/spiritual life. We serve a faithful God; he is able and ready to give us beyond and above all what we could ever ask for. Change your mindset and let your faith bring you peace in knowing your dreams, ambitions are in great hands. The great hands of our master and creator.