By on December 4, 2017
Let me start off by saying that 2017 has been so far one if not my best year ye. Started this year with the announcing of my very first upcoming book, and along with many other things I’ve learnt from writing my book is patience as well as finding my purpose. As a Christian, purpose is the ultimate thing we should pray for and ask God to reveal because we are well aware that we were not just created to just exist but instead we are here for a bigger reason. And so, I don’t know if we have more than one purpose on the earth but am glad to say that I have found my first which is inspiring people through my testimony.

One of the other things I had hoped to achieve this year was growth in my spiritual journey and let me not lie to you, it has been HARD. Countless times God spoke to me about spiritual growth but I was out here being comfortable with where I was at, I mean, I was serving in a ministry at church, reading my bible (sometimes), praying/fasting, and building good relationships with my fellow Christians, that was it right? (I thought to myself).  Till later in November this year, I had one of the most yet to be life-changing revelations. I got to understand that the true model of communication with God and I got to learn that indeed there is a two way communication process between us and  God, though I had heard before that God did indeed communicate to us, I had never completely understood how that worked till I read “Conversations with God by Neal Donald Walsh” and oh my Lord, speak of clarity this was the most clarifying experience I had ever had about anything in my life. This happened Mid-November, I was on holiday in Mombasa being sun kissed and whatever but yet again a bit frustrated because am that type of person who likes to understand things fully all the way through and man did I have a lot of questions. And it’s in that moment that I practiced what I had read in the book (the book talks about how God says that he communicates with us through Thoughts and feelings) one thing that hit me though was understand that all this time, I have been communicating to God, if you are one of those people who get lost in their thoughts like I do, then you know what am talking about. And so this whole time I had been communicating to God and I would immediately snap out of it because I thought it’s my ka little brain working things out. And I so I started questioning and thinking about stuff in my life and getting clear answers about them and in that moment I was over joyed at this new level I had just opened in my spiritual journey (if you love video game y’all know the joy of opening a new level? that’s how I felt). I now had this personal communication with God without asking people here and there on their take/opinions on certain things because now I had understood that, you know let me ask God and answers came throughhh yo.

So, Currently am in a state where I am making a lot of time in my day-to-day activities to be alone because I want to spend sometime in God presence and share a dialogue with him and so far God has pin pointed areas in my ways of living, my behaviors and in my friendships that need revival/change and commitment, and he is guiding me in ways to do so but in order for this communication to be effective, I have to build an even deeper relationship with God in order to understand it clearly. And so my brothers and sisters, who have committed your life to Christ, seek for a communicative relationship with our lord because we are all clueless in this journey of faith and we need guidance. Prayer is the answer and together with faith we will reach a level at which God is completely and fully in us guiding our step. Be blessed